Find Out What Your Pet Is Thinking.
Learn How To Make Her Happy Or Find Out What’s Bothering Her.

Solve Behaviour Problems By Finding The Root Cause!

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Would You Like To Know How You Can Help Your Pet Heal? Or Why She Is Digging Holes In The Lawn? Now You Can!


Ever Wished you knew how to make your dog, cat or horse happier?

Would you like to know what they would say to you if they could talk?

Or what they would like to ask you? Do you want your animals to thrive?

Have You Ever Wondered...

Find out how animal communication can enrich your life, delight you and solve behaviour problems!

I will explain how you can have your first chat with an animal in 15 minutes flat.

If you’ve lost a heart animal to death, I know how you feel. You always miss them, somewhere in your heart or the back of your mind. Read the story of my Heart’s Dog Bianca, her tragic disappearance, and how I asked her to come back to me, because I couldn’t bear to be without her.

Wow, wow, wow! It is perfect! I was drawn in from beginning to end. I was so touched that I had tears and goosebumps. Tears, as I also had two dogs disappear that were never found… and goosebumps as I related to it all and thought of our old boy who died a year ago… and who we would love if he came back. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!
Animal Rescue

Have Fairies Got Anything To Do With It?

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Hi! My name is Marinda. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to know what animals think and feel. When I was a little girl, I thought that the fairies might help me, so I tried to find a fairy to translate animals for me. To my great disappointment, I couldn’t find one. Seriously, where is a good fairy when you need one?

As I grew up, I sort of gave up on the idea. But somehow, that desire remained in the back of my mind. Then, one day, to my great excitement, I heard that a world-famous animal communicator was going to present a course on animal communication in a town close to me. I was there like a bear!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was! While I kept wondering if I really heard the dog right, the feedback sessions during the course quickly set my mind at ease. Yes! The other people also heard what I heard! A world of magic and wonder opened up for me, and ever since then it has been my mission to share this delight with other people, so that we can make it a better world for animals.

The Delight Method©

The Delight Method© of Animal Communication is a step by step method that will show you how to “tune in” to your animal and listen to what she has to say.

Would you like to stop your dog digging holes in the lawn, or stop other undesirable behaviour? The XOX Method is a surprisingly easy way to do this.

The Goat Club secret will show you how to make animal communication ten times easier and much more fun!

Are you concerned that your pet may have some pain or discomfort… but you’re not quite sure and don’t know how to find out? My Arrow Method shows you how to pinpoint this quickly and easily. Your pet might even have a few ideas about how to treat the pain.

The AHEM approach to healing animals gives you a simple and easy-to-remember framework to help them heal.

Have you ever wondered what role your animal would like to play in your life? I will show you how to ask, and you could even find out what s/he might want to teach you or help you with.

The Love Loop technique will help you to take your love for your animal to another level altogether. ∞

It doesn’t matter if the animals in your life are cats, dogs, horses, gerbils, goats, birds or fish. You can communicate with domesticated or wild animals.

In fact, I have chatted with plants. I asked flowers how they feel about being cut and put in vases. A flower said that she doesn’t mind being cut, as long as I appreciate her beauty. She said that flowers want their beauty to be seen and they want to make people happy.

If you’re in a hurry and would like to skip to the summary at the end, click here:


Max’s human mom, Marica, got in touch with me because she loves her dogs enormously and wishes for them to be happy. Marica has a very loving heart and believes in adopting dogs. However, that sometimes means that the dogs have some issues from their past. Marica is not someone who gives up on a dog, though, even if their issues seem almost insurmountable.

Max, the handsome gentleman with the green bow tie, tended to be distrustful of humans, even someone as loving and caring as his mom, Marica. He was also a nervous little dog. Relaxing while eating posed challenges for Max. He would keep a distance from the food bowl, then dart in and quickly snatch something to eat. It upset Marica when she saw that Max struggled to relax and be happy.

When Marica got home from work, Max would dance around her and wag the little stump of his tail with great abandon, but she couldn’t touch him or pick him up. “I always had to bribe him with something tasty to get him to allow me to touch him,” Marica says. He made sure that he kept a safe distance from people, no matter how loving they were towards him.

Because she wanted Max to be happier and to have a closer relationship with him, Marica asked me to have a conversation with him.

“After the chat, he changed completely,” says Marica. “Now, he comes to me immediately to be picked up, even in the excitement of my arrival at home.

It is as if he trusts me more and loves me more. He also plays much more with the other dogs. It looks to me as if he doesn’t have so much to worry about and think about any more.”

Max didn’t like strangers at all. The hot water tank burst and Marica was deeply worried about how Max would react to the team of workers who needed to come and fix it, because she was unable to be at home at the time. “Usually, Max would have been scared, depressed and unhappy for weeks after such an experience…

However, Max made a brilliant plan to help himself to feel safe: He climbed onto the seesaw. This put him at a higher level than the work team so that he could ‘oversee’ their work from a high point. When I got home, he was as happy as can be.”

This story was particularly funny, because, during my communication session with Max, he sang a song to me: “I am on top of the world, looking down on creation…” (Our chat was before the episode with the geyser – so it seems Max found the courage to implement his desire for heights after our chat.) 😂

“His eating habits have also changed. Now, he stands quietly at his bowl and finishes his food before he goes and cleans his mouth on the lawn,” says Marica. (See, I told you he is a gentleman!)

Max used to be quite scared of the tunnels at agility training. That problem is now a thing of the past. His obedience at agility training has also improved a lot.

Marica tells a funny story about Max’s new confidence at agility: “We were doing an exercise where we had to collect 10 different objects in a particular order. I forgot about one of the objects and called him to another. It seems that Max knew the order better than I did, because he ran off, collected the correct object and then ran back to me. Everybody found that extremely funny!

Max went on to do three clear rounds in two competitions. He went from a doggie who was scared of agility (and a lot of other things) to a happy, confident boy who now loves his life and agility training.

Let Me Share A Secret With You…

Animals often become happier after an animal communication session. When their beloved pets are happy, humans often become much happier too! 😊 (We’re in this together, aren’t we?)

What happens when we take the time to truly listen to our animals?

The really, really good news is: Nowadays, people are so attuned that I’ve been able to teach people to communicate with animals within 15 minutes.

By applying what you learn from this program, you will be able to find out what your beloved animal thinks and feels.

the xox method

If I don’t know what I want, how am I going to communicate my “wants” to an animal?
This is where techniques such as the XOX method come in. No, it is not what you think. The XOX method shows you how to teach your dog to stop digging holes in the lawn – or to stop many other kinds of undesirable behavior.

You will also find out what to do if your horse asks you for a truckload of carrots, or your dog demands a plate full of lamb chops every day!



We look at:
→ Medical issues, and
→ What to do if an animal doesn’t feel like chatting.

What guidelines do we use when communicating with animals? What are the ethics involved? I will share the Code of Ethics of a world-famous animal communicator.

I also cover topics such as:
→ Motivation
→ Spiritual growth
→ Confidentiality
→ Dignity
→ Seeking help from and working with other professionals, such as veterinarians, and
→ Advocacy for animals.

Love is the foundation for animal communication. It make our relationships easier when we understand each other better.
Are you willing to go beyond the boundaries of what is considered “normal” to learn animal communication? Love might just give the answer.

You will find that, as you and your animal travel this animal communication journey together, your love for each other will grow exponentially.

The Love Loop technique

The Love Loop Technique will help you to take your love for your animal to another level altogether.


The Prism model explains how the messages we receive during animal communication get filtered through us as individuals with our unique interests and knowledge.

We look at how we can work with others to build a bigger picture to benefit the animal.

Can we communicate with animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge?

Yes! I share the story of beloved Bianca, my doggy soulmate, who has a talent for reincarnation – and for communicating from “the other side.”

“How can I ask my animal, who has died, to come back?” and “How will I recognize my animal when s/he comes back?” Bianca’s story will give you the answers.

What Does Science Say About This?

There are fascinating scientific studies related to intent.

We have a look at scientific studies which show how we create our universe – and how baby chickens influenced a robot to get closer to them – because they wanted some more warmth.

The studies point to the most important factors that promote successful healing. It wil show you how you can help to heal your pet.

I also explain why it is important to get out of your own way when healing other beings.

Do you think it is important to grow spiritually and emotionally? Then this is for you. Only people who are interested in growing will go out of their way to acquire new skills.

Learning the skill of animal communication, and interacting with animals in this way, will accelerate your personal growth beyond your wildest imagination.

The Goat Club Secret will enable you to make learning animal communication so much easier and ten times as much fun.

The Buddy System is a great way to help you on your animal communication journey.

Why is meditation important and why is it so good for our mental and physical health? You will find answers in this program.

Meditation is not only good for our health, it forms a great foundation for animal communication.

Sometimes, things do not work out exactly as we wish. I tell how I was thoroughly bamboozled by a cat and felt so bad about it that I stopped communicating with animals for a whole year.

Find out what helped me to overcome the failure and take up animal communication again.

Would you like to know “Safe” and “not-so-safe” ways to practice animal communication? The story of Mr. Nu, the romantic stallion, contains the answer, and I explain how to agree a signal with the animal to respond to a request from you.

The Delight Method eBook also contains a great horse love story – with Mr. Nu in a starring role.

How Can Animal Communication Help Me To Help My Animals?

We look at how we can understand animals better, interact with them and help them on various levels:
→ Instinctive
→ Physical: The Arrow Method and the “Micro Me” method.
→ Emotional: Jobs for animals
→ Intellectual: How my Friesian mare saved my leg.
→ Spiritual: How the way we look at and perceive animals influence their behavior and an animal’s spiritual role in your life.

Help animals through animal communication by:
→ Directly acting on what they tell you and responding to their requests.
→ Interpreting what they told you, in context, making deductions, and helping them accordingly. (For instance, figuring out what will make a dog feel safer.)
→ Using the knowledge gained in related areas such as animal health, animal training and environmental enrichment for animals.

We also consider other factors in animal well-being, such as:
→ Science-based, humane training
→ Advocacy for animals, and
The AHEM approach to healing animals.

I discuss trust issues:
How do we know that we can trust the information we get when communicating with an animal?

You can find this and much more in my 192-page eBook on animal communication.

What Others Say About “The Delight Method©”

You may wonder: Will this really work for me? The clearest answer: It worked for others! In fact, it worked for all the people who attended my workshops, except for one person – and that was for another reason altogether.

“Marinda, your book is just so lovely!! Even just reading a few pages while I took a break from work, it has been such a breath of fresh air and just sooo heart-warming. It really brings me joy reading your book. It’s just so full of love and light!”

Lorraine (Florida, US)

“Your information is spot on. Very significant information. This really is how I experience animal communication – your writing resonates with me.”

Lerinda (SA) Animal Communicator 

“I don’t really have words to explain to you the utter delight, joy and surprise I experienced this week when I read your book. This thing that you do, that you live, is happiness, is joy. How else?

Reading your book was the highlight of my week… the “wow” in my soul to know this is true and that you’re sharing it. Twice, I had to stop reading to recover from the sadness and empathy and tears before I could continue.

You have a gift. I am SO impressed! Thank you very much for the privilege to have been able to read… and experience your book – because it WAS an experience for me as I followed you on your path. What you wrote resonated deeply with me.”

Annèla (SA) Scio consultant

“As the title suggests, this simple guide is a delight to read.  It literally had me yelping out loud in places!

The book is an inspirational step-by-step guide to animal communication and helping others to become animal communicators.

It is an easy read and one can dip into any chapter to find practical tips on connecting not only with your own pets but other animals too. It is particularly strong in the emphasis that the animals don’t have to be physically with you to make a connection.  They can be elsewhere or even have passed away.

Communicating with animals can be a two-way street – as the author says: “Fortunately, animals can come to the rescue: When we are feeling down, an animal hug can lift us out of the doldrums immediately.” 

I especially appreciated the introduction to basic meditation and the many amusing anecdotes. 

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, this book will enrich your life in one way or another.”

Carol (SA)

“Hi, I need to tell you that we have had two agility competitions with Max and he has had three clear rounds. Everyone that knows him cannot believe the confidence that he has! He is a happy boy now – who loves agility.
Thank you again for making my nervous boy a happy confident soul! (He used to have a stack of stuff that he used to hoard together – another sign of his nervous nature. It is also something of the past – he sticks with me and plays happily.)”

Marica (SA)

“Marinda first communicated with one of my horses who had issues regarding training. She helped identify areas of concern which a vet later confirmed. Had it not been for Marinda’s help, I would not have asked the trainer to investigate.  Since then she has helped him resolve other issues as well.

In 2009 I asked Marinda to speak to a younger horse who seemed to need help, as well as my lovely mare. The feedback from both horses was so enlightening; it helped me make decisions regarding their welfare.

My sister asked Marinda to communicate with her beloved cat, Chaska, who has passed on. The information Marinda supplied from her chat with Chaska was extremely accurate, and the message from Chaska to my sister was wonderful. It helped us all to honour her memory, and gave us an opportunity to say goodbye and that we love her.

I feel that Marinda truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being. I would highly recommend her.”

Barbara (UK)

“I had an animal communication session with Marinda. It has helped to have a totally different perspective of the relationship that I had with my family dog, Taepeong. She’s a 13-year-old Miniature Pinscher. She’s a strong individual who stands up for herself. Her name, Taepeong, means to live peacefully without any concerns. But we couldn’t have peace within us because of the lack of understanding. We obviously had communication issues since she was a puppy. My family invested time and energy to find a way to understand her. We educated ourselves at various levels to catch a glimpse of her mind, heart, soul. However, we have failed.

Because we failed, I could find the beauty in Marinda’s work more easily. It tremendously helps my family understand Taepeong at the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. When we have a right understanding for somebody else, we are able to give true love. Marinda has brought this magical opportunity for me, my family and Taepeong. Now we can support Taepeong to live peacefully without any concerns and give her what she wants. Thank you so much, Marinda!”

Jio Willow Yoo (South Korea)

“From not-so-dead cats to reincarnated dogs, from science to spirituality, Marinda Alder takes you on a delightful ride through the world of animal communication.  I loved how her stories so clearly illustrated her key points, and I appreciated her humility and honesty in sharing her ups and downs in connecting with critters.  Perhaps what I most valued is the way she gives permission to start exploring this fascinating field – to make mistakes, and second-guess yourself, and wonder if it’s all just too wacko for words – and to keep on exploring despite all that.  She makes it clear that the rewards are well worth the effort. Enjoy!”

Kathleen (Iowa, US) Author

“It gives me great delight to have not just read, but actually experienced this book filled with wisdom and written with an open, compassionate and empathetic heart. As Animal Welfare Scientist it confirmed my own experiences in the field, as well as the fact that anyone can communicate with animals. This beautifully written book opens this forever amazing world to anyone willing to connect and follow the easy instructions.

Your life, and the lives of the animals that cross your path will never be the same. The brightness of using the Delight Method of Animal Communication will keep getting brighter and trust me, just when you thought you had experienced it all you will experience more pleasure, more positive emotions, simply: You will be delighted beyond belief.”

Rita Brock – CAT Animal Rescue



Because I am so passionate about getting the word out on animal communication and the happiness it can bring to the animals in the world, I am making my program available for just $37!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to – at last! – understand what your beloved animal is thinking!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to make sure that your dog is happy, that she thrives? Why wait any longer? Get the knowledge that will help you to ensure her happiness!

Animal communicators generally charge around $95 for a single consultation. (This goes up to $400, depending on the communicator and the situation.)

Now, you can learn how to communicate with animals yourself – for only $37!

I experimented for years to figure out and refine the simplest methods for animal communication – now it can be yours – INSTANTLY!

All you have to do is to click on the “Buy” button to get “The Delight Method©” PLUS the bonuses as instant downloads.

It literally took me five years to distill this information into easy to read and digest format, so that you won’t have to suffer through all the trial and error that I had to struggle with.

Just imagine how great you will feel when you finally know what your beloved pet is thinking and feeling, and how much she loves you!

My offer to you today


Get The Delight Method© Program eBook and Workbook.






All materials are DIGITAL and will be sent to you IMMEDIATELY in PDF FORMAT. This means that you can start today!

If you buy now, you also get the following bonuses:

When you buy The Delight Method©, you also get these amazing FOUR bonuses:


Access to “The Delight Method©” Facebook group, where you can exchange animal communication case studies with other animal communicators and ask for help.

You will be joining a supportive community that shares your deep love for animals.


A binaural beats meditation track.

How do binaural beats work?
Basically, if you play one frequency (e.g. 100Hz) into one ear, and another frequency (e.g. 105Hz) into another ear, your brain will “split the difference” and “entrain” your brain at 102.5Hz, for example.

This means you can set the frequency at which you’d like to entrain the brain.

For example: A person suffering from stress can induce relaxation by listening to Theta wave binaural beats. This would entrain your brain to produce lower frequency waves that calm your mind and leave you more relaxed.

In the same way, if you struggle to concentrate, you could benefit from listening to an Alpha wave binaural beats recording. This would move the brain into a “flow state” – a relaxed but focused state of mind.

Listening to binaural beats have shown results such as increased focus and concentration, lower stress, increased relaxation and fostering positive moods.

It also helps people to sleep more peacefully, or to enter a meditative state.

People who meditate on a regular basis will tell you they feel more centered, more balanced and more connected to the world around them.

Normal meditation requires you to access deeper mental states, which can take years of meditative practice to reach. Binaural beats take you there quicker.

That means you basically get a shortcut to deeper meditation, and enjoy all of the results, quicker than ever before.

So, by just playing a simple MP3 and listening to it for 12 minutes while you relax, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of an hour’s meditation.

For years and years, I struggled to establish a regular meditation practice. Then I heard about binaural beats and that it helps you to enter a meditative state.

Meditation used to feel a bit like “work” to me, but with binaural beats I effortlessly slipped into a meditative state. Not only that, but I looked forward to the meditations so much that I have very rarely skipped a day in the past two years. Thanks to binaural beats I now have a regular meditation practice.

It helps me to feel fresher, happier, more focused, more creative and more energetic. And I’m told that there are dozens of cumulative brain power and health benefits too.

You will need to use earphones for the binaural beats to be effective.

I will send you a link to the MP3 download of your binaural beats track, which you can then download.


eBook: Mindfulness and Inner Peace – 25 Personal Growth Lessons for Living Your Best Life

I have selected this eBook for you because it complements and expands on the contents of The Delight Method©, which devotes an entire chapter to personal growth. You almost cannot help growing when you engage in animal communication – it gently invites you to grow.

The Mindfulness and Inner Peace eBook will give you extra support in your growth.


eBook: 25 Daily Happiness Boosting Habits

I’ve seen over and over that our pets take on our issues – but also our happiness.

So, if we want a happier pet, it helps tremendously if we ourselves are happy! In fact, I consider it my duty to my pets to be happy, because that makes it so much easier for them to be happy.

I will give you just one example of how my Yorkie, Bianca, mimicked my behavior: I found out that it is good for my health to fast. I started fasting for longer periods. Then, I noticed that Bianca started eating less. It worried me. When I tuned in to Bianca, I found out that she thought if I ate less, she should also eat less! I assured her that it isn’t necessary. 😀 After our talk, she relaxed and started eating normally again.

NOTE: All the bonuses are in digital format and you can download them and start reading immediately!

100% Money Back Guarantee – Your Order Is Completely Risk-Free! Try The Delight Method© of Animal Communication Today And Enjoy a Much Deeper, Happier Relationship With Your Pet.

Yes, I Am So Confident That You Will Find Value In This Offer That I Am Backing It Up With A Full 60-Day Guarantee. If You’re Not Completely Satisfied For Any Reason, I’ll Buy It Back From You.

The Delight Method© Is The Key To Finally Understanding Your Pet. Click The Order Button Right Now To Get Started.


The Delight Method of Animal Communication© eBook (192 pages)
Access to a supportive community of animal communicators in “The Delight Method” Facebook Group
Priceless, but let’s say $127
Free Binaural Beats Meditation Track
A calm mind
25 Daily Happiness Boosting Methods eBook
Mindfulness and Inner Peace eBook
The Delight Method of Animal Communication© Workbook
Total value: At least

Q & A

Is animal communication just for a few gifted people?

I firmly believe that we all have the ability to do it. It is an ability that we have forgotten, and that we are rediscovering now.

I find that people “get it” much faster nowadays. During my last couple of workshops, just for fun, I asked the participants if we could see how fast we could finish our first chat with an animal. The time ranged between 11 to 13 minutes. I have rounded it up to 15 minutes in the copy above, just to leave a bit of a margin.

So, just to be clear, what exactly do I get when I buy?

You get:

The Delight Method© of Animal Communication
This is a 192-page book full of:
⦁ Playful and impactful information which rests on a foundation of curiosity, love of life and a desire to find the delight in life.
⦁ Engaging and informative content
⦁ Actionable, practical tips, techniques, and tools

The Delight Method© Workbook

Access to “The Delight Method©” Facebook page, where you can exchange animal communication case studies with other animal communicators and ask for help.

You will be joining a supportive community which shares your deep love for animals.

A binaural beats meditation track.

Listening to binaural beats have shown results such as increased focus and concentration, lower stress, increased relaxation and fostering positive moods.

eBook: Mindfulness and Inner Peace – 25 Personal Growth Lessons for Living Your Best Life

eBook: 25 Daily Happiness Boosting Habits


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